It’s official: there will be a second season of the Critically Speaking podcast! Thanks to our successful Stabilisation Fund application to Arts Council Wales, we can start working on what we believe is an important and necessary project.

The feeling is a bittersweet one. We’re pleased, of course, to have an opportunity to continue working on the podcast. However, we’re also very aware that for every successful application like ours, there are countless other applications that were rejected. The £9,912 we have been awarded is £9,912 someone else won’t be receiving, a privilege we cannot and will not ignore.

Critically Speaking exists to amplify the voice of the underprivileged, and our second season will be no different. Systemic racism and White privilege are two of the biggest issues facing our sector today, and these funds give us the opportunity to confront industry leaders about their part in it. It just would not have been possible without this grant, and we intend on making the most of the opportunity we’ve been given. Some of the roles our funding will pay for include three lead artists, six creative contributors, a researcher, a sound designer and an editor. Priority will be given to Black and NBPOC creatives when filling these roles and, while that does not change the fact that many of our peers are still struggling, we hope the long-term ramifications of the project will benefit everyone.

We’d like to thank Arts Council Wales for providing us with these funds, and we’d like to thank those who have supported us to this point. But most importantly, we’d like to thank the artists, the organisations and the audiences who, like us, are relentless in their pursuit for a fair and equitable arts sector. It’s because of your resilience that a project like ours has been given the green light. We promise to continue that work forward. Thank you.