As we begin working on Season 2 of the Critically Speaking podcast, we believe it’s important to reiterate our commitment to honesty, transparency and accountability. It’s the foundation on which we produced Season 1, and it’s the foundation on which we believe the arts as a whole should be built. For us to end systemic prejudice of any kind we first have to acknowledge and confront it and, at times, that will mean confronting and admitting our own part in maintaining it.

Season 2 of the podcast will focus squarely on systemic racism and white privilege in the arts industry in Wales. Our intention is to speak to arts leaders about this in an open and balanced forum. We will strive for honesty, transparency and accountability in these conversations, and we hope our guests will do the same.

But we have to lead by example, which is why I and producer Shane Nickels have made the decision to be entirely transparent. Other than sensitive personal data we don’t believe there is anything to hide, and so we choose to share our process with you. You will see what we see, every step of the way, as we try to produce what we believe is an urgent piece of work for our industry. To mark this commitment we have published below, in full, our application and budget to Arts Council Wales for the Wales’ Stabilisation Fund.

We all have the opportunity to make genuine, transformational change, both across the world and in our industry, and we hope to contribute to that change with honesty, transparency and accountability. We hope you will join us.

ACW Stabilisation Fund – application
ACW Stabilisation Fund – budget