Character comedian Ryan Lane takes audiences back to his childhood, and his hometown, in this utterly ridiculous and very funny hour of comedy. It’s a whistle-stop tour of the people and places that have made Lane into the person and the performer that he is, using outrageous set pieces and even more outrageous personalities.

There’s a strong sense that many, if not all, of these characters are based on real people from Ryan’s life, with the dial turned high up to eleven. The influence of groups such as The League of Gentlemen and Reeves and Mortimer is very clear to see, but there’s something distinctly sweeter about Lane’s delivery..

There is a slight lull halfway through, where Lane tries to marry the absurdist comedy with his own personal story of being a gay teenager in a rural, conservative Welsh town. He doesn’t quite pull that bit off, though, perhaps because everything around it is so unusual.

When he falls back into one of his many characters, the audience is swept right back in and he continues to impress. Ryan Lane Will Be There Now in a Minute isn’t just a story about Lane’s personal life. It’s also an homage to those small towns that are peppered all over the country, home to somewhat sheltered but well-meaning people. Finding the humour in these people is what Lane does easily, but the real accomplishment of an otherwise hilarious hour is his ability to find the heart.