A converted room in the Brass Monkey pub is the location for this hour of stand up comedy by three young, up-and-coming comedians. Having to perform comedy in the morning is no easy feat and, unfortunately, the gig suffers from a lack of energy both from the audience and the performers themselves. 

Both comedians seem to be trying out new material, which ordinarily be fine, but it doesn’t seem like the right tact in the face of audiences for whom this will almost certainly be the first show of the day. The lack of enthusiasm from the two performers is infectious, and the hour never really gets out of first gear.

Of the two, Charlie Hunt delivers what is closest to a traditional set of observational comedy. A funny gag at the start about planning mental breakdowns starts promisingly but doesn’t really get a punchline, and the comic never really hits a high note with the rest of the material.

Paul Hilleard, meanwhile, has more of a frenetic energy about him. He stalks about the space, eliciting a good response for some bizarre audience interaction. The crowd can see the wheels turning in his head, and Hilleard is better about covering for incomplete jokes; but, as with Hunt, the lack of proper punchlines leaves the show feeling flat.

Alex Perkes does his best to play compere, but never feels comfortable in the role. Audience interaction ends up being general chit-chat rather than a vehicle for humour, and it just doesn’t work. That these are very young comics trying out new material is important to point out, but the time and place may not be in their favour.