In amongst the 50-odd shows connected to Wales this year, Flossy and Boo’s tale of courage and adventure is a refreshing change of pace at the Edinburgh Fringe. This short but delightfully sweet show offers as much enjoyment for adults as it does for the young children it’s aimed at.

It’s the two performers, Laura Jeffs and Anja Conti, who allow that to happen. That they have a natural chemistry is expected, but it’s their audience interaction that really stands out. So much of the performance relies on improvisation, and both artists excel at it. Not only do they create a safe space where children feel comfortable getting involved, but their light observational humour plays nicely to the parents too.

The set design is also wonderfully done. The show takes place inside a tent, which already gives it a fairytale-esque vibe, and this is enhanced by how colourful everything is. The puppet representing Ned looks adorable, and the kids in the audience really respond positively to it.

A slightly loose subplot about the issue of plastic pollution is the only thing that doesn’t quite register properly (perhaps because of the running time), but it doesn’t take away from what is otherwise a delightful way to spend a morning in Edinburgh.